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  • Ashish Jain
    Go Proactive To Treat Your Acne
      Much ado about nothing! That's what you feel at times, when you read thousands of pages about treating acne. You get totally confused by having a look at the multitude of over the counter products for acne treatment. Each supposed to be better than the other! Among all this confusion, votaries of the proactive acn。。。
    4Ashish Jain V12 Years AgoAshish Jain
  • Ken Cecchetto
    Discover How to Beat Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
      Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a comprehensive time period for a conglomeration of ailments that affects the gastro-intestinal tract creating a lot of uneasiness for the sufferer.
      The principle symptoms of this illness are intense pain within the abdomen, uneasiness, cramping, heartburn, alternating loose motions and constipation, flatulence and modifications in one's bowel movements. T。。。
    6Ken Cecchetto V12 Years AgoKen Cecchetto
  • Lisa Olson
    Female Infertility: Revealed
      The disorder due to which a woman fails to conceive is known as Female infertility. There is a gamut of factors causing it:
      • Age as a general factor: The downward spiral of female fertility begins from 27. At 35 she approaches toward infertility. And rate of success of becoming pregnant goes down from 3% to 5% post 30. At 50 meno。。。
    6Lisa Olson V12 Years AgoLisa Olson
  • Abigail Franks
    The Treatment And Solution For Asthma Is In The Diagnosis!
      The number of variables a doctor has to consider when dealing with this serious respiratory disease ultimately determine the treatment and solution for asthma available to the patient. The factors of this disease are multi faceted and can each drive the doctor to various options appropriate for the person.
      Just a few of these factors that help formulate the overall treatment strategy include:。。。
    7Abigail Franks V12 Years AgoAbigail Franks
  • Melanie Solomon
    AA Not the Only Way: Finally Get REAL Help For Alcoholism!
      "AA scarcely seems like a 'tested system,'' reveals Melanie Solomon, author of a cutting edge book featuring options to AA for the treatment of alcoholic and substance abuse. "In fact, it doesn't perform for nearly all men or women."
      A saved pill pharmaceutical abuser who established AA morally defeating, Solomon published her recently released 2nd Edition of "AA Not the Just Way," to shed light on some other ways and treatment method。。。
    11Melanie Solomon V12 Years AgoMelanie Solomon
  • Anna Hart
    Heartburn Relief Without Drugs
      Millions of people worldwide suffer an occasional bout of heartburn. Many of those suffer frequently, and try one product after another to gain heartburn relief. Products range from simple over-the-counter indigestion relievers to prescription drugs for heartburn relief. But is heartburn relief possible without drugs o。。。
    10Anna Hart V12 Years AgoAnna Hart
  • Alan Schill
    How To Prevent Sleep Apnea
      Sleep apnea doesn’t have to control your life. In fact, there are steps that you can take today in order to prevent sleep apnea from invading your night’s and ruining your days.
      In order to prevent sleep apnea, you must first understand the disorder and what causes it. Sleep apnea is a disorder that causes the sufferer to stop breathing on multiple occasions throughout the night. When this。。。
    3Alan Schill V12 Years AgoAlan Schill
  • Rachel Evans
    Autism In Adults
      Autism is a disorder that now affects one out of every 166 children born. It is a disorder that is permanent and negatively affects social development and thought processes. The transition into adulthood generally occurs at the age of fourteen, where preparation for adulthood starts. Now is a good time to consider job 。。。
    6Rachel Evans V12 Years AgoRachel Evans
  • Barbara Smith
    The Cellulite Cream Debate
      As you browse the aisles of your local general merchandise store, you will undoubtedly encounter a wide variety of different anti-cellulite treatments. You can barely open a magazine without seeing an ad or two touting the effectiveness of cellulite creams. These creams have been on the market for years and are constan。。。
    5Barbara Smith V12 Years AgoBarbara Smith
  • Danica Reynes
    6 Important Steps For Treating Acne
      The best way to treat an acne condition is to cleanse gently, try not to touch your face often, stay out of the sun, shave carefully, pick cosmetics meant for your skin, and thoroughly cleanse before sleep.
      If you have acne, you should take more careful consideration of your skincare. Your acne condition depends on how you care for your skin, such as your daily skin care routines or your usage of natural products like。。。
    5Danica Reynes V12 Years AgoDanica Reynes
  • Kacey CHall
    Can Flaxseed Enhance Our Immune System?
      Flaxseed improves every molecule in the body: it improves the quality of hair, nails, and skin, as well as helping you to lose weight or bulk up it lowers cholesterol, blood pressure and prevents arthritis and cancers.
      How Do I Prepare Golden Flaxseeds?
      Golden flax can be purchased whole, ground and in oil form. We recommend that you obtain golden flax seeds in the whole seed form. provides the highest nutrional value. We recommend that you grind a portion of your。。。
    4Kacey CHall V12 Years AgoKacey CHall
  • Ann Marier
    Common Headache Medications Are Normally Based On Either Asp
      Common headaches such as migraines and fever headache, just like other sicknesses, also have their own cure and prescribed medications. Most of the times, headache medications are restricted from public access openly, which means that only upon the doctor or medical expert’s prescription it is allowed to be given。。。
    5Ann Marier V12 Years AgoAnn Marier
  • Jackson Sperry
    Home Remedies For Asthma Sufferers
      There are a number of home remedies for asthma - some more effective than others. There are many "old wives tales" that have been handed down over the years, and many of these are really not effective at all. The best home remedy for asthma is one that everyone with asthma should practice - environmental cont。。。
    4Jackson Sperry V12 Years AgoJackson Sperry
  • Robert Kokoska
    Fighting Back Naturally Against Acne
      Acne is the most common skin problem in the US and around the world. For most sufferers, they end up using some soft of medicine or treatment product in order to get rid of their pimples. These same people also need to realize that there are many natural, cheap and simple ways to treat their skin problem. Below I will 。。。
    5Robert Kokoska V12 Years AgoRobert Kokoska
  • Seomul Evans
    Knowing the Risks of Plastic Surgery
      Plastic surgery techniques have improved greatly in recent years; however there are still risks involved. If you are considering having plastic surgery, it is important that you understand first what these risks are. More and more people these days are considering plastic surgery, even when they are aware of the risks.。。。
    8Seomul Evans V12 Years AgoSeomul Evans
  • Jeffreyjo Willis
    Important Aspects of Tips For Those Looking For a Cure For A
      Trying them out might help you get rid of those irritating facial spots and markings quickly.
      The Final Solution
      If all else fails, the dermatologist comes as your most effective treatment for severe acne. Using acne soap is also very beneficial. Sulfur based acne soaps are a very effective treatment. Use them two times a day。。。
    5Jeffreyjo Willis V12 Years AgoJeffreyjo Willis
  • Peter Skonctueht
    How To Tet Rid Of Acne? - Clear And Acne-Free Skin In No Tim
      You may be surprised to know that there are dozens of solutions on how to get rid of acne. By following these simple suggestions, you can say hello to clear and acne-free skin in no time.
      Wash your face more frequently. Once you suffered an outbreak, it is important for you to keep your skin as clean as possible. You can use some gentle facial cleanser to help you clean and clear out your pores. Rem。。。
    6Peter Skonctueht V12 Years AgoPeter Skonctueht
  • W Darren
    Popular Acne Treatments 3 Treatments Offered by Medical Exp
      Acne is a very devious skin disorder. Your face can stay clear and blemish free for a certain period but without warning, pimples, cysts and pustules can pop out. For people who have been suffering from the effects of long-term acne (some acne starting as early as nine years old), it can be very traumatic, often result。。。
    6W Darren V12 Years AgoW Darren
  • Clarence Carter
    Acomplia Works Doubly As Weight Loss And Anti Smoking Pill
      Not all discoveries are planned. Many a times results of research amaze the researcher itself. A similar instance was noticed when research was being undertaken on Acomplia for its weight loss properties. It was observed that the drug was helpful in reducing cravings for not only food but also smoking. This was a break。。。
    6Clarence Carter V12 Years AgoClarence Carter
  • Pascal E Erdmann
    Health Food Versus Junk Food In Todays Society
      McDonalds Burger King Pizza Hut There are dozens of fast food chains in every part of the world, making it quite difficult for anyone to have a strict diet. Who would want a salad when they could easily have a large fry and an entire pizza? Unfortunately, the foods that taste the best are often the worst for your body.。。。
    5Pascal E Erdmann V12 Years AgoPascal E Erdmann