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  • Graham McClung
    Handling Weather Emergencies: Part 1 - Forward Planning Makes The Difference
      At some time in our lives, many of us will face an emergency. Most will involve personal illness or injury, but severe weather, including hurricanes, thunderstorms, tornadoes and heat waves, is a very common threat.
      Severe weather and its after effects, such as flooding, results in numerous deaths and injuries every year, together with major property damage and loss.。。。
    14Graham McClung V12 Years AgoGraham McClung
  • Thomas Yoon
    Emergency - Gas Fire!
      Woooooooo厖Woooo厖匱he siren sounded. All of us looked at each
      other with excitement. The time has come for us to go into action.
      From all over the building, we can see Emergency Response Team
      members coming out, some looking a bit dazed. A general alarm had
      been sounded and the ERT has been activated!
      At the command post, the "Commander" quickly briefed all the ERT。。。
    7Thomas Yoon V12 Years AgoThomas Yoon
  • Gregg Hicks
    Small Space Bathroom Remodeling - Maximize the Space and Save
      Is your bathroom small? Are you trying to figure out how to accomplish magic with small space bathroom remodeling?
      You抣l be amazed at what you can accomplish by using a few tips form the pros.
      First off, you抮e not alone. Many homes have small bathrooms and small space bathroom remodeling seems like a chore that won抰 yield the desired results. In order to get the greatest appeal and function from your s。。。
    3Gregg Hicks V12 Years AgoGregg Hicks
  • Carlo Morelli
    Kitchen Renovation Tips: Why Beveled Wood Edge Countertops?
      Graceful and chic are the words that you will hear when you askany home renovators what kind of look they want for the kitchen.Surfaces, including countertops, influence to a large degree thelook of a kitchen. That is why chic graceful looking countertopsare in demand. There are actually many home renovators who aredes。。。
    4Carlo Morelli V12 Years AgoCarlo Morelli
  • Thad Pickering
    Home Lighting Design Tips And Ideas
      Using the correct lighting fixtures and bulbs throughout your home is a skill that can help you enjoy the time spent at home even more. That's because home lighting can be useful for two intended purposes, the first being function, and the second being mood.
      With that in mind, consider each room in your home and what it is mainly used for. What are the activities that often go on in that room? How much light will be usually needed for those activities? Are there any po。。。
    6Thad Pickering V12 Years AgoThad Pickering
  • Juliette Pickup
    Water Purification Units - Every Home Needs One
      If you had to take a sample of the water that we drink ever day then you would probably be absolutely horrified at the contaminants that we put into our bodies every day. This is over and above the unhealthy food and drinks that we consume at every opportunity. Water is supposed to be the way in which we flush those co。。。
    7Juliette Pickup V12 Years AgoJuliette Pickup
  • Gil Strachan
    Wet Basements
      Technological advances in the last 15 years now allow most modern basements to be made into comfortable, livable space. However, all basements are vulnerable to some water penetration during their lifespans.
      Drainage tile, damp-proofing, and moisture barriers all assist in preventing moisture from entering the structure through the foundation walls. Even with all these in place, if the area experiences an unusually hig。。。
    12Gil Strachan V12 Years AgoGil Strachan
  • Bob Whitehead
    Hidden Spy Cams and Your Childcare Provider - Should You Use One and How?
      A hidden camera is one discreet way to assuage and alleviate concerns around your home. Parents find them especially helpful when it comes to keeping an eye on the person watching their children. But are hidden spy cams fair to those who are being watched? Do nannies have a right to know if they are being recorded?
      There are many compelling arguments in favor of using a hidden spy cam to record your child's caregiver. Few would disagree that the safety of a child comes first. However, is it really ethical to hide a sma。。。
    2Bob Whitehead V12 Years AgoBob Whitehead
  • Malcolm Kay
    How to Makeover and Enhance a Rooftop Deck
      Flat rooftops can offer great opportunities for conversion into attractive entertaining or relaxing areas, but contemplating a vast expanse of drab concrete or asphalt and envisaging how to attack such a problem, can be a rather daunting prospect.
      Two important points need to be considered at the outset. Firstly, any objects on a roof top which are not securely fixed, need to be of sufficient weight or size that they will not move or blow away in strong wind。。。
    3Malcolm Kay V12 Years AgoMalcolm Kay
  • William Thomas
    Consumer Trend Alert: Environment-Friendly Home ImprovementFlooring Products Gain Mass Appeal!
      One of the first things home owners think of when embarking on ahome improvement project is pulling up that dusty, stained andfrayed old carpet. The next step is deciding what to put in itsplace - new carpet or some other type of flooring.
      A trendy new craze sweeping the country is to replace existingcarpet with environmentally friendly flooring such as reclaimedwood, linoleum, cork or bamboo. Such types of flooring are notonly helpful to the environ。。。
    9William Thomas V12 Years AgoWilliam Thomas
  • William R Nabaza of httpwwwnabazacomhomeimp
    Home Improvement Websites
      There are hundreds of thousands of home improvement websites outthere each one jam packed full of advice, tips and hints to helpyou on your journey to a new and improved home. Each website isof course based on different places around the globe that homeimprovement services are available. They will list names andaddress。。。
  • Steve Valentino
    The Benefits of Aluminum Flagpoles
      Aluminum flagpoles are the most popular flagpoles available, because they are strong, light, versatile and comparatively inexpensive. Appropriate for both commercial and residential purposes, they come in all styles and sizes, up to eighty feet or longer. An aluminum flagpole will stand up to most weather, with little 。。。
    3Steve Valentino V12 Years AgoSteve Valentino
  • Lance Winslow
    Tropical Hurricane Michael is Coming
      Blowing thru the Caribbean is Tropical Storm and soon to be Tropical Hurricane Michael say meteorologists. This 2006 Atlantic Tropical hurricane season has certainly been a huge one and although it has not been quite as horrific as the record breaking 2005 Atlantic tropical hurricane season it still is making waves and。。。
    2Lance Winslow V12 Years AgoLance Winslow
  • Steve Gillman
    Grocery Coupons And Food Secrets
      How can grocery coupon cost you more than they save? When is whole wheat not really whole wheat? Why are some frozen foods better for you than fresh foods? Should you buy the small or large bananas? Read on for the answers.
      Grocery Coupons
      Coupons are designed to get you to buy something you weren't planning to buy. If the things you buy with them don't replace more expensive options, you spend even more instead of saving money. To save mon。。。
    9Steve Gillman V12 Years AgoSteve Gillman
  • William R Nabaza of httpwwwnabazacomhomeimp
    Home Improvement Stores
      On every high street and every shopping centre there is at leastone home improvement store. They cater for everything from nutsand screws to designer bathrooms! They offer a wide range ofservices and they are reasonably cheap. There are lots ofdifferent types of these stores as well, there are the largermore general st。。。
  • Roger Overanout
    Intruder Alarms Don't Worry Burglars!
      Professional Burglars claim an intruder Alarm does not put them of.
      A recent survey has found that intruder alarms do not present any difficulty to professional burglars; the reason is because homeowners often forget to set the intruder alarm or fails to lock their doors and window。。。
    6Roger Overanout V12 Years AgoRoger Overanout
  • Jack Healy
    Durability and Care of Glass Sinks
      Artisan created glass vessel sinks are, in fact, very sturdy. Virtually all professionally made glass sinks are resistant to small accident breakage, such as dropping a brush or plastic bottle into the basin. Of course a heavy object can break a glass sink. The rule of thumb is if something is heavy enough to break a。。。
    4Jack Healy V12 Years AgoJack Healy
  • Chris Miller
    Laminate Wood Flooring and the Benefits over Traditional Wood & Ceramic Tile
      Laminate wood flooring is a great option to typical hardwood floors and ceramic tile. One great characteristic about laminate flooring is that it is scratch resistant and more durable than real wood while providing a similar look to real wood.
      Due to the ease of installation, laminate wood flooring can be installed without the use of a contractor. This means that you save a pretty penny on installation fees since you can easily do it yourself.。。。
    3Chris Miller V12 Years AgoChris Miller
  • Peter Leigh
    Retractable Awnings
      Retractable awnings add the perfect ambiance to the deck on your home. With an awning that you can roll up when necessary, you don抰 have to worry about the material ripping in the wind or tearing under the weight of the snow. With the motorized retractable models of awnings, you have the convenience of being able to ro。。。
    4Peter Leigh V12 Years AgoPeter Leigh
  • Mike Merisko
    Choosing the Right House Plan
      Choosing The Right House Plan
      Everybody would like to live in a mansion or a sprawling ranch but there are many factors to consider when choosing a house plan. There are also a few pitfalls that can be avoided by doing your homework and making the right choices.
      Before you commit to buying a stock or custom house plan, you should know how much of a house you can afford to build. A good place to get this information would be the bank that you might use to get your loan from。。。
    5Mike Merisko V12 Years AgoMike Merisko