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  • David Allred
    If A Home Based Business Says You Can Make Millions, Then It
      First off, if you’ve ever heard of a person that has gone from rags to riches with a Home Based Business, well that is me! The stuff you read about or hear about, actually happens. Is it true that you can make millions in a Home Based Business? Well, alot of it depends on the business model and the industry it is。。。
    2David Allred V12 Years AgoDavid Allred
  • Scott Knutson
    Pharmacy Degree - A Career Choice For Today And Tomorrow
      With so many amazing colleges, universities and technical learning facilities offering pharmacy degrees there is no reason why anyone with the desire to make a difference in patients life's could not engage and transform a dull career into something that is appealing and heartfelt.
      Pharmacy schools abound throughout the United States. Many offer specific courses that are directly connected to degrees that are beneficial to becoming a pharmacist. With this remarkably condensed type of higher e。。。
    6Scott Knutson V12 Years AgoScott Knutson
  • Curry Kenworthy
    Ten-key Typing Practice For Data Entry Jobs
      You've decided to move into the data entry career field. How can you best prepare to apply for a job with ten-key typing?
      I consulted with a veteran of several years in numeric data entry and added insights from my development of ten-key practice software to create a list of useful tips for job seekers and for those who wish to improv。。。
    10Curry Kenworthy V12 Years AgoCurry Kenworthy
  • Jon Caldwell
    Flourishing With a Career in Marketing
      Sometimes, it’s hard to have a marketing job as a loan officer. Simply because you have to be skilled in getting clients and there are a lot of competition from a lot of other loan officers in the market. To be able to save your job, you have to have an edge over your competitors.
      First of all, many loan officers would want to stick on one particular type of loan because it narrows down their field and gives them a better way to contact potential clients. But if you want to be on top, you ha。。。
    6Jon Caldwell V12 Years AgoJon Caldwell
  • Larry Ford
    The Role Of The Sane - The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner
      Studies have shown that less than half of the victims of sexual assault treated in emergency rooms get basic help with information about the risk of pregnancy or emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy.
      They have to wait for sometimes up to six hours for treatment, and during this wait, they’re told not to eat, drink, or even use the bathroom before they’re examined because it might destroy evidence.。。。
    4Larry Ford V12 Years AgoLarry Ford
  • Terry McDermott
    Demand For Massage Therapists Increases As Interest In BenefitsOf Massage Creates More Converts
      Projections by the U.S. Department of Labor forecast employmentopportunities for massage therapists to grow by 18 to 26 percentfrom 2004-2014.
      According to the 2006-2007 Edition of the Occupational OutlookHandbook, published by the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau ofLabor Statistics, the outlook for employment for massagetherapists will "increase fast。。。
    5Terry McDermott V12 Years AgoTerry McDermott
  • Lorabella
    Steps to a Career as an Accountant
      Legal and appropriate handling of money is of utmost importance, especially in the recent economic times. There is a constant demand for experts skilled in financial accountability and taxation in small and large companies that need efficient navigation in finances and legalization of all monetary processes. Millions o。。。
    5Lorabella V12 Years AgoLorabella
  • Justin Grover
    Career's in Entertainment Production
      A career as a rock star or television star is unattainable for most hopeful teens who dream of being in the spotlight. While many dream of being the next *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys sensation, this may be a little far-fetched. However, teens don聮t have to give up their dream, at least not completely. Few star-struck teen。。。
    8Justin Grover V12 Years AgoJustin Grover
  • Linda Correli
    How To Find The Best Foreign Language Courses?
      You have precisely made up your mind to master foreign language and to bring the knowledge of this language to perfection? For sure you want to prove yourself that you can cope with mastering a foreign language. Good command of this language became the point of honor for you or you just want to understand what the bese。。。
    17Linda Correli V12 Years AgoLinda Correli
  • Philip Sean Andrews
    Career Employment: Benefits of Home-based Jobs For Working M
      In this economic situation, we often see many companies are downsizing and closing were many people are losing their jobs and even have more difficulty in finding a new jobs because they are racing with the others who lost their jobs as well. Inspite of the bad economy, there are jobs that are blossoming because most c。。。
  • George Pool
    Work at Home: Tips on How to Construct the Perfect Home Offi
      Working from home is flourishing trend for the past decade. Many people opt to stay home and work due to obvious reasons. If you are starting out your home based career, you probably know that there are adjustments that should be done to your home prior to working. Here are the ways to help you construct your very own 。。。
    6George Pool V12 Years AgoGeorge Pool
  • John Harriyott
    Layoffs, Redundancy, Survival Guide.
      Being laid off is dramatic and traumatic and not a nice experience. It is easy to get very bitter and angry but if you want to climb out from this you need to develop a more positive approach, here is how.
      Being made redundant is not the end of the world, neither are you alone and it can be changed to positive good.
      I’ve been made redundant three times now and each time it was a painful experience it is not nice and I would have preferred not have done it.。。。
    9John Harriyott V12 Years AgoJohn Harriyott
  • Carla Vaughan
    Rate Yourself as a Job Applicant
      When you begin searching for a job, you need to take stock of your abilities as well as your weaknesses. Yes, it would be nice to simply focus on the things we do well. In truth, however, employers are as interested in what you can抰 do as they are in what you can do. If you are prepared to address both possibilities。。。
    2Carla Vaughan V12 Years AgoCarla Vaughan
  • Laurie Sheppard
    When The Job Kills, What Next?
      You say the job is killing you. Here are some questions to helpyou assess your situation clearly before you chuck it all.
      What happened, you or them? Somewhere along the line thingschanged. Your role shifted. Your work became redundant. Yourboss became unbearable. Your co-workers don't respect youanymore. Something started lookin。。。
    4Laurie Sheppard V12 Years AgoLaurie Sheppard
  • Jay Bauder
    Job Search Tips For IT Professionals
      Tips For a Stress-Free IT Job Search
      The best source to look for jobs related to InformationTechnology (most commonly known as IT) is, obviously, theInternet.
      Various sites offer listings of job openings for specificfields. The key for a fruitful search is to know how and whereto look for the best possible jobs available.。。。
    5Jay Bauder V12 Years AgoJay Bauder
  • Jason Kay
    Is the World of Traveling Sales Jobs For You?
      Traveling sales jobs can be some of the most financially rewarding sales jobs that there is. Many companies will pay top dollar to salespeople who are good at their craft and also don’t mind traveling. If you love to sell and you have no attachments, then the wild and rewarding world of traveling sales jobs may b。。。
    6Jason Kay V12 Years AgoJason Kay
  • Scott Brown
    Quitting Time: How Do You Know When Its Time To Quit Your Jo
      Nobody likes his or her job all the time. Even if you have landed your dream job or work for yourself in your dream career, there are pros and cons to every situation. Every now and then you might feel like everything is going wrong and you don抰 know what to do. But does that mean its time to quit your job? Probably no。。。
    2Scott Brown V12 Years AgoScott Brown
  • Virginia Bola, PsyD
    Job Search: Time Management
      There is an old adage that "Looking for a job is harder than working." How true! The rigors of job search are magnified by the turmoil we experience: lack of self-confidence, humiliation, financial pressure, and the undercurrent of emotions that color all we do: fear, anger, depression, anxiety, loss.
      One practical step we can take to lower the stress and conserve our energy for finding work, not feeding our bloated worries, is to manage our time effectively. Have you ever noticed that you get more chores done w。。。
  • Paul MacIver
    Private Investigators The Fundamental Facts
      If you want to find out about someone's life without their notion, be it regarding a case work, about kidnapping, to collect evidence of illegal conduct by your partner, or anything that you need to know, a private investigator can do that for you. A private investigator, or PI, is a person who does investigations。。。
    5Paul MacIver V12 Years AgoPaul MacIver
  • James Copper
    Features of CIW Courses For Potential Web Professionals
      CIW or Certified Internet Webmaster is a certification process for global web professionals. Given the tremendous growth of internet-based businesses, there has been a huge demand for web professionals in the past few years. As a result, the demand for qualified web professionals has led to a higher demand for CIW-qual。。。
    5James Copper V12 Years AgoJames Copper